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GF Bread Baking Schedule

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Sandwich Bread

Sandwich Bread

Sandwich Bread

Sandwich Bread

Sandwich Bread
White Rice Loaf
Kaiser Buns

As Needed

Cinnamon Raisin
Bean Loaf
Burger Buns

We will notify via Facebook and Twitter when we have fresh "as needed" breads available.

To order from the fresh bread schedule drop in or call a day ahead so we can hold a loaf or two for you!

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Portions Bakery

We have made adjustments to the weekly bakery schedule!
We will now be baking fresh sandwich bread every day we are open.
Please check the schedule to find out when you can come in to
pick up your favorite fresh breads.


Portions Bakery

We now carry a fresh selection of baked goods
in our bakery showcase!

Along with our daily fresh bread you can now get cookies, cupcakes, bars, squares or other fantastic treats fresh out of our kitchen! Not only can you grab a pack of your favorites but you can also purchase them in single form from the showcase, allowing you to get everyones favorite dessert!

The bakery showcase contents change daily.
Follow us on Facebook to see what we have available each day!

Cupcakes are Heaven

I LOVE this store and the wonderful people that own this business!
The Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes are Heaven! It's like angels dancing on your tongue.
Their are so many items I love in this store; and the fact that it is very reasonably priced and extremely clean and tidy!
I have placed my order for Christmas, and you should too!!

Brittany B.

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